Kabbalah Made Authentic

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Being educated in a topic kinda sucks. It means when people are talking out of their butt, intentionally or mistakenly, you instantly know it. This a problem I’ve run into the past five years within metaphysical, spooky and pagan circles. The incorrect use and teaching of Hebrew Mysticism. ... READ MORE

Prepping for Ostara One Day at a Time in the Month of March

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1. Empty the walls! Empty ALL décor off the walls, including curtains, family photos etc. Things for protection, such as privacy given from curtains, can be washed and replaced same day. Everything not absolutely required remains down until the 18th.  Yes, they’ll be bare, yes, it’ll be echoey, yes, it’s not hygge — it serves as a reset. Utilize the reset. ... READ MORE

Just a Word

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I’ve been sitting on this writing for two months, unsure of how to say it. It’s hard because it’s complex. It’s painful because it touches painful events that are not healed. It’s difficult because it involves the complex web of life that seems to just be my wyrd. But this needs to be said. ... READ MORE