Why Can't You Just Be Heathen?

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A couple months back, I facilitated an online event with my local CUUPs group about Rokkatru: “Honoring Loki and the Roku: A guided discussion on Rokkatru.”  During the event I was asked a question which has bugged me ever since. It was a long question and to be truthful, I forgot half of it as I went into a ramble. This is not the exact question I was asked, but it pretty much boils down to a question that most anyone who claims the label “Rokkatru” gets asked; “Why can’t you just be Heathen?” I was also asked, where do I draw the line between the Aesir and the Jotun. ... READ MORE

Can the Runes Be Binary? Thought on Ingwaz and Berkana

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Over the course of June, I had the opportunity to put into words the runic concepts I’ve had in my head with regards to the runs Ingwaz and Berkana of the elder futhark. These are commonly known as the masculine and feminine runes. I was offering rune readings during a couple of events, throughout June and hence pride. As an inclusive organization and the primary designated, public safe space for magical workings, I had a good bit of non-traditional persons come to me for readings. As part of our large Midsummer Pride celebration, I gave numerous readings within that setting and both Ingwaz and Berkana came up a lot; they were very active runes, which gave me the ability to vocalize the importance of these energies outside of the binary. And I have a LOT to say about how the binary system of projective and receptive energies is misunderstood. ... READ MORE

“I am an Ectopic Pregnancy Survivor”

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When Roe. V Wade, the constitutionally protected right for a woman to obtain an abortion up until the point of viability, was overturned, I, like tens of millions of others, took to the streets that day. My sign did not read “my body my rights” or “hands off my body.” Which I agree with fully. My sign read “Ectopic pregnancy survivor.” ... READ MORE