About Me

Raven Redfeather, She/Her, was born and raised in Pennsylvania where she currently lives raising her own family.  She is an active member of her local Unitarian Universalist congregation and it’s attached CUUPs group where she serves as a ritual guide.  Raven has experience and formal training in spiritual practices under both Abrahamic and Pagan traditions and combines all of her knowledge into a blend of her practice today.

Raven is a homeschooling mother of two young children, utilizing her background in early childhood education to help foster a respect and love for nature in her children as well as working with families to build their own nature-centered paths. This love of the outdoors keeps her family active outside year round.

Raven is known locally for her rune readings. Offering them at some of the local CUUPs events as well as at the local shop Pickyweedz, on occasion with her colleagues. Raven also reads oracle cards and feathers. Utilizing ethically and legally sourced feathers into her practice, she also teachers feather magic and feather reading courses.


Raven a devotee of Fenris and honors the Rokkr. Together with her group, they are building a safe and affirming space for practitioners including those often cast out by other groups. Raven leads public rituals honoring the Rokkr with the largest being Midsummer Pride held every June honoring Loki and the LGBTQIA+ community. To see if she is holding any rituals or classes soon, please see the CUUPs website.