About Me

Living in North Eastern Pennsylvania, Raven Redfeather is a mother of two, wife, educator and volva with journey work experience within the Christian, Jewish and non-Abrahamic traditions. Raised in a Catholic home, Raven was exposed to Catholic Mysticism as a child. In college, Raven learned some of the mystical arts alongside mentors within the Priesthood. During this time, Raven had a growing interest in Judaism and Torah studies. In 2009 she had the opportunity to study in Israel. This turned into the first of a few spiritual turning points.

In the fall of 2009 she made the decision to leave Christianity as her personal spiritual path and took up the path of the Noahide. Living a non-Jewish, Torah observant life for some years, she felt called to go deeper in Torah. She began the formal conversion process under the supervision of Orthodox rabbis. During the process, Raven had discovered her maternal linage was traced back to a Jewish woman living in what is now Romania. With this discovery she did not need to complete the conversion process but continued it by choice. Raven studied past life regression, journey work and spiritual cleansing within the Hebrew tradition for some years as she continued to learn about herself and grow within her own spiritual practices.

An interest in Norse lore brought Raven into Pagan circles where the mystical aspects of Christianity and Judaism were openly celebrated and explored. Raven began formal study and quickly learned that she had years of experience under her belt, though under different terminologies.

Today Raven lives a nature-based spiritual path working individuals and families of all traditions to find ways that best suit their needs to connect with nature, creation and their god(s). A passion for early childhood education, she hopes to continue to grow her works into a full-blown, accredited curriculum for homeschool and supplemental schooling families looking for a nature based spiritual education.