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Mother • Educator • Feather Reader

I bid you hail and welcome to my site.

I am Raven Redfeather, a mother, wife, volva and educator working with the energies of nature for positive outcome and educating future generations to be self-empowered while finding the divine in nature-based spirituality. Here you will find some of my public workings. If you are interested in me teaching a group class, please use the contact form.

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“I am an Ectopic Pregnancy Survivor”

“I am an Ectopic Pregnancy Survivor” Image

When Roe. V Wade, the constitutionally protected right for a woman to obtain an abortion up until the point of viability, was overturned, I, like tens of millions of others, took to the streets that day. My sign did not read “my body my rights” or “hands off my body.” Which I agree with fully. My sign read “Ectopic pregnancy survivor.” ... READ MORE