2023 Spring Cleanse

The Spring Cleanse is the period between March 1st and the Spring Equinox, maybe flipped for the Southern Hemisphere? I don’t know, I don’t live there and haven’t felt that energy. I wrote about the spring cleanse and you can read about it here.

This year, 2023, there has been a lot of interest in my Spring Cleanse and I made my schedule for those who wish to follow along. If you want to be strict about it, I encourage you to read the list in advance and not wake up each morning and see what the task is. A few days are much heavier of a work load, because I put them on days I know I could handle that. Adjust as you need, this is only MY guide for my living situation and season in life.

The key points to hit are removing everything from the walls of your home, doing a full visual reset… and then the big day of the wall wash and home cleanse (Days 1 and 19) As much in between those as can be hit the better, but keep your season of life in mind as well as your ability, goals and desires.


March 1 st

Remove everything from all walls of home

Pictures, tapestries, certificates, all decorations.

Curtains can be washed and then placed back for privacy

Thursday March 2 nd

Focus: Bathroom

Clean personal care tools such as hair brushes, combs, curling iron. Replace tooth brushes if needed


Friday March 3 rd

Clean surfaces in the garage, sunroom or other non-main rooms of home.


Saturday March 4 th

Day of reflection

Use this day to get caught up if needed

Sunday March 5 th

Focus: Kitchen

Clean out kitchen drawers (remove all items, wipe inside out and replace items) as well as wipe down outside of appliances.


Monday March 6 th

Focus: Laundry area

Wash your washer and dryer, inside and out

 If not applicable, use this as a day to catch up or do additional tasks

Tuesday March 7 th


Set new wards around your home

Purge clothing from dressers and closets

Full Moon

Be realistic about clothing, will you wear it within a year? Have you worn it within the past year? Donate all items before Ostara

Wednesday March 8 th

Focus: Livingroom

Clean off all surfaces in Livingroom

Go through any puzzles, board games, card games ect. Rehome or trash unused ones.

Donate all useable items before Ostara

Thursday March 9 th

Focus: Bathroom

Thoroughly scrub the toilet, shower, tub and sink.


Friday March 10 th

Purge unused items from garage, attic, storage rooms.

Donate all useable items before Ostara

Saturday March 11 th

Day of Reflection

Use this day to get caught up if needed

Sunday March 12 th

Clean inside of fridge, freezer and oven.


Monday March 13 th

Organize your laundry and cleaning supply areas


Tuesday March 14 th

Deep clean the bedroom, cleaning under beds,  clean out the dresser and nightstand.


Wednesday March 15 th

Focus: Livingroom

Clean couch cushions, wipe down furniture, replace lightbulbs if needed, clean under furniture.


Thursday March 16 th

Go through medicines, period products, under the sink etc. and toss out expired items/items you have no use for.


Friday March 17 th

Clean out any outdoor spaces – do not reorganize, just clean them.


Saturday March 18 th

Day of reflection


Use this day to get caught up if needed

Sunday March 19th

Smoke/sound cleanse and wall wash your entire home. Replace all pictures, tapestries ect. Wiping each down with a moist cloth as you do.

This is the most intense day! Make time!

Monday March 20th

Bless your home and welcome spring


Raven’s Wall Wash:

1 Spray bottle
½ distilled white vinegar
½ water
1 Tbsp Salt
2 Tbsp pokeroot powder
1 drop blue dish soap

Lightly spray the wall and wipe down. Time saving tip, you can use a paint roller to be faster and reach up high or down low.