School Resources

Whether you are supplementing existing education or taking full ownership of your child’s education, teaching your child can be a daunting task. All too often I see parents and caretakers confused, frustrated in their search for support, resources and answers. “Do I unschool? Traditional school? Montessori? Waldorf? Wild school? Child-led? Nature school? forest school?” Finding what works for you, your child and your house hold is a long, winding rabbit hole of educational philosophies and going to social media, you’ll almost always find conflicting, and often combative, information. I want to empower you with the knowledge that life IS a salad bar. You absolutely can and should pick a little of this and a little of that to make a fun educational experience that fits everyone’s needs.

My method is do what works.

In the process of creating what will become “Nature Play! Homeschool” I took my degree in education, my experience as a preschool teacher and sprinkled them into the real-world experience of homeschooling my own preschool aged kids... Should I mention that they’re only 10 and a half months apart in age? Understanding the stress of real-world constraints, real-life stress, grumpy mornings and crying over spilt milk... I created and applied a curriculum that leans upon some Montessori methods a sprinkle of Waldorf philosophies, a deep respect for nature and a budget friendly approach to reduce, reuse recycle. All while keeping things in line with state standards.

Did I follow this to the T? Of course not! Please do not feel that this curriculum is a set-in stone school year. This is a guideline of suggestions, to be followed as much as you feel works for your unique situation. That may mean following it to the T or it may mean skimming through it like a Pinterest board. The choice is yours. You are the captain of your child’s educational ship and I wish you a beautiful and fulfilling voyage.